Job interview rule one: Remember to wear pants

Wear pants. That's the career advice that we didn't think we would have to be giving. But as it turns out, some people still need to hear it. This is a true story from here at Workopolis last week.

 What happened? >>

Why you shouldn't eat lunch at your desk

Okay, many of us are guilty of this activity. We know it's probably bad, but do we really know why? It turns out that there are more reasons than you think to avoid this common practice.

Here are just the top five >>

10 reasons why your boss is a jerk

People love to complain about their bosses so much that we decided to do look into why. What is it that makes for a horrible boss? It turns out that there is a short list of common reasons.

Here's why some bosses are just creeps >>

Boss fires his entire staff with a text message

Text messages: they're fast, they're convenient, and they're modern. They're everywhere. But are they an acceptable method of letting someone (or all of your staff) go?

Apparently it's happening more and more >>

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