There is something strange going on in the labour market

The unemployment rate has remained at over 7% all year - and nearly twice that for younger workers - while at the same time, a majority of employers say that they can't find the talent they need.

 Sectors and regions where candidates are most in demand >>

Why you can't buy a house

Not only are more Canadians finding it tough to find jobs in their field, but they're also being held back by salaries that just aren't keeping up with the cost of inflation.

The average time it takes to save for a down payment >>

Grooming blunders that cost you the job

Survey says that some beauty faux pas could be hurting women's chances of being hired. The data also suggests what your habits may be revealing about your personality.

What your look says to job interviewers >>

Five tips for starting your job interview off right

And a good start is important because research shows that employers make up their minds about a potential candidate in the first few minutes of the interview.

How to make a positive first impression >>

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