True job interview horror stories

We've all experienced the terror of the job interview. The sweaty palms, the pounding heart, the paralyzing fear! But have you stopped to think about what it's like from the other side of the desk?

 Recruiters share the tales of their scariest candidates >>

Why no one calls you after your interviews

Did you ever have a job interview that you thought went really well, only to hear crickets chirping and silence afterwards instead of congratulatory phone calls and job offers?

Here's what probably went wrong >>

What scares us the most at work?

A recent survey of hundreds of working people reveals what they are most afraid of on the job. Public speaking, Halloween costumes and office conflicts may scare some employees.

But that's not what really terrifies most of us >>

Workplace horror stories

From a wardrobe malfunction during a job interview to a psycho bosses' head games to a cheating spouse - some true spine-tingling on-the-job horror stories.

Reader discretion is advised >>

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