Ten easy ways to ensure that employers won't like you

Everyone knows that your chances of landing the job are greatly increased if you and your potential employer hit it off and genuinely like each other right from the start.

 Here's how to make sure there's no chance of that happening >>

Top five jobs that make the world a worse place

A recent survey asked people if their jobs made life better for people. Most surprising were the careers where workers felt the opposite - they were actually contributing to the world's demise.

The worst offenders?  >>

The right career for your personality type

Employers are actively seeking out precise personality types for specific roles in their companies. Is your character predetermined for a career that you haven't considered yet?

Personality traits and career options >>

Is business casual on its way out?

With experts saying that people are actually more productive and professional when they dress up, the era of office workers wearing jeans and t-shirts may be coming to an end.

Is it time to suit up?  >>

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