How not to get the job (and to get banned from all future jobs as well)

Recruiters and hiring managers reveal the 5 things that most turn them off hiring a candidate. (Including what bothers them so much, they'll ban a job seeker from all future jobs with their company too.)

 The worst thing that you can do? >>

The thirties are the new twenties?

When is the greatest period of your life? It's not your crazy university days or the single adventurous years of your twenties. No, a new survey of says the best time of your life comes in your thirties.

Here's why... Well, for men anyway >>

How to interpret body language

Experts say that at least 55% of the message we communicate is delivered through our body language. Don't lose credibility in a job interview by undermining your words with your non-verbal clues.

Looking up and to the right can be a sign of dishonesty >>

Top 10 things candidates hate about employers

There's been a lot of talk in the news lately about a 'skills shortage' as employers struggle to hire the talent that they need. Maybe there are other reasons why some companies have difficulty recruiting.

Employer behaviours that make candidates walk away >>

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