Unemployment rate down only slightly, as Canada's job market remains sluggish

Canada's economy shed more jobs in February, while at the same time unemployment edged downwards. Which regions and industries saw gains last month, and who was the hardest hit?

  The state of the Canadian labour market right now >>

The most in-demand job skills and university degrees

New research indicates there is a serious disconnect between what employers are looking for and what candidates are offering. So what are the most sought after skills and degrees for 2012?

What employers are really looking for >>

The 20 worst excuses for coming in late

In a recent survey, 10-20% of employees in the U.S. and Canada stated they are late at least one day a week. Here are some of the stranger ways they've tried to explain it.

You couldn't find your clothes? Really? >>

Study: It's not who you are, it's how you dress

Want to perform better on the job and get ahead at work? A new study indicates that there's a simple way that you can accomplish both at the same time. Suit up.

How your clothes actually impact your performance? >>

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