The biggest mistake on a resume
(and how to create a masterpiece)

There are about five or six common mistakes that people make in resumes, and most of these stem from the one Biggest Mistake. And this is what stops them from creating the masterpiece that lands the job.

  Here's how they get it wrong >>

Canadian job market cools down in May

After two months of solid growth, the Canadian economy created fewer jobs last month. Still there are some bright spots in the latest job market news as we head into the summer.

Which regions and industries saw gains, and who took a hit? >>

Canada's most attractive employer?

A survey of 7,000 Canadians reveals what men and women are looking for most in an employer, and which companies are perceived as the most attractive to work for in this country.

Who came out on top? >>

Stay in school: Degrees still get you the job

Despite recent talk about the declining value of some university degrees, most jobs ask for some level of post-secondary education, and people hired for most roles tend to have it.

How much school or training do you need? >>

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