You really can judge a person by their shoes

New research suggests that you can tell if someone is politically left or right, whether they're aggressive or if they have good personal relationships with others and more ... all just by looking at their choice of footwear.

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The 25 weakest online password choices

Online security breaches have been all over the news lately. This has us looking at the most commonly used passwords (so don't use them) and how to create a really strong one.

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Insiders reveal what to wear for interviews in their industries

How you dress for a job interview can make or break your chances, but the appropriate getup can depend on the industry, the job and the culture of the company.

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What drives your coworkers crazy?

Colleen shares twenty of the most common complaints that people make about rude or clueless colleagues in her workplace management seminars.

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In odd career news:
- Nearly half of men say they choose work over sex
- Why it turns out that crime actually doesn't pay (anymore)
- It's not enough just to be tall and beautiful anymore

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