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How employers are screening you

In a recent survey, more than 300 hiring professionals explained how they are screening job candidates on different social networks. Here are the things that most make them hire or not hire a potential candidate.

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Recruiters divulge the 5 factors that matter most to them

What are the things that really matter to hirers when evaluating a candidate or a resume? Here are the factors that can make or break your chances of landing the job.

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Canada sees more jobs, more jobless in December

The Canadian economy saw job gains last month, but the unemployment rate still managed to creep higher. Which sectors and regions saw gains, and who took a hit?

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How to get paid for doing what you love

If you find yourself working at a job or in a company that doesn't have you leaping out of bed every Monday morning, try these four tips for moving from just a job into your dream job.

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