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Where the jobs will (and won't) be over the next decade

Stats Can has just released the January employment numbers, and it looks like unemployment is still a growing problem in this country right now. So let's look to the near future and see where the jobs are going to come from over the next ten years.

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The Canadian jobless rate creeps up in January

The latest job numbers have just been released, and the news isn't good. Which industries and regions were the hardest hit, and who saw gains last month?

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Why meetings are actually lowering your IQ

Do you ever end up feeling a little brain dead in meetings? It turns out that it's not your fault. Meetings really are affecting your intelligence.

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How to automate your job search

The most effective way to land a job is to use all of the tools available. Here are six ways that the latest technology can take the work out of looking for work.

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