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Five job interview secrets that employers don't tell candidates

Want to know what's really going on in the hiring manager's head? Things look very different from their side of the table than they do for the candidate applying for the job.

  Here's what your interviewer is really thinking about, but probably won't tell you >>

Decoding hidden messages in job descriptions

Certain words or expressions in job descriptions may sound positive at first but actually have a much darker meaning. Read the warning signs to watch for.

 What job descriptions are actually telling you >>

Two good reasons to never quit your job

Even if you've outgrown your job, or just really don't like it, not quitting can be just the career move that leads to the job advancement you're looking for.

 Here's how showing up can help you get ahead >>

Does your resume realize that it's 2012 already?

A lot of resume rules that were made up in the typewriter and early word processor era somehow still get taught to people well into the Internet age.

  It may be time to modernize your resume >>

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