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How much money are most Canadians earning?

Curious about how much money people make? We take a look at what the average Canadian earns, how much different professions pay, and who's bringing home the really big bucks.

  Are you making more than the average Canadian salary? >>

The one resume change that leads to more interviews

Recruiters read each resume for an average of 30 seconds before making a shortlist. How can you keep them from casting yours aside?

 The most effective change you can make? >>

Why most working Canadians are stressed on the job

A recent Statistics Canada study found that sixty percent of working people in Canada are most stressed out by their situations at work.

 What are their biggest concerns? >>

You can literally be bored to death at work

If you need even more motivation to seek out work that you find enjoyable, then consider this: the alternative can be deadly. Your boredom can turn fatal.

 Can double your risk of dying >>

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