Where the available jobs and candidates match (and mismatch) on Workopolis

An inside look at how the numbers of job postings on Workopolis in given areas and industries compare to the numbers of corresponding job searches by candidates across Canada.

 Where is the competition for jobs and employees the hottest? >>

How to write an email

Emails are essential professional tools. They're the new cover letters, cold calls and corporate communications. And yet some people still don't know how to use them effectively.

Here are some basic rules and advanced tips from the experts >>

Friends in high places

A new study indicates employers take a closer look at candidates with similar interests to their own - and often choose the person they would most like to be friends with.

Are the jobs just going to their golf buddies? >>

The twelve office blunders of Christmas

There are a few recurring holiday pitfalls that we see people fall into year after year. Here are a few of the most common seasonal workplace slip-ups to avoid.

Hint: The whole 'Sexy Santa' thing is never a good idea >>

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