Employers wonder what you're hiding

Not having a public profile on Facebook could actually be hurting your chances of landing a job. Why? More and more employers are screening candidates on social media sites, and they don't like who they don't find.

 Loners, weirdos and killers >>

How to actually use social media to get the job

So, if you have to be public on social media, here are four keys to ensuring that your online profiles become powerful career assets (and not liabilities.)

Red flags to avoid >>

We're just dying to work

Apparently even jobs that don't seem risky can be fraught with peril. Study after study is showing how the way that we work can be shortening our lives.

The hidden dangers in 'safe' jobs >>

Breaking: Surprise job losses for Canada

The Canadian economy unexpectedly lost 30,400 jobs in July, marking the third month in a row of disappointing signs on the national labour market.

Still, there is some good news >>

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