10 degrees that earn high starting salaries (and 10 that won't get you hired at all)

With tuition prices on the rise (sorry Quebec students), many people are looking for degrees that guarantee a return on their investment. While there are no actual guarantees, of course, some are better gambles than others.

 The ten best and worst bets >>

Essential career tool: creating a memorable elevator pitch

You step into the elevator with the boss you would love to work for. You can stumble through an awkward conversation, or you can deliver a dynamic intro to who you are and what you do.

10 points to the perfect pitch >>

Busting the top ten job search myths

Hopefully seeing through some of the myths and misconceptions about looking for a job can save you from making potentially costly mistakes and help you to land your next gig faster.

The most common job search misunderstandings? >>

Insights from an intern

MuchMusic's 'Intern Extraordinaire,' Melody Lau tells us how she landed the gig over thousands of applicants and what she learned behind the scenes @ Much.

The intern reveals the inside scoop >>

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