You're right, pessimists, you really aren't likely to succeed

A new study has confirmed that overconfidence is more important than actual talent when it comes to getting ahead at work and in life.

 How ego trumps talent, and what this can mean for you >>

How to get lucky

How much does luck factor into being hired? Doesn't is seem like some people just have a much easier time falling into fantastic job opportunities than others?

Luck itself is a skill that you can develop >>

The eight email mistakes that people hate the most

A new poll has determined the work email behaviours that most get on people's nerves. Adding inappropriate terms of affection to emails is amongst the worst offenders.

What else is infuriating readers? >>

How to make a successful mid-career change

Just because you have invested a decade or two into one career path doesn't mean you have to be stuck there for the rest of your working life if it isn't right for you anymore.

How to make a smooth transition >>

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