Is who you know really more important than what you know?

A new study compares the effects of being well-connected vs. being more intelligent over the course of people's careers - with some surprising results.

  Does having a network truly trump having brains? >>

Canada sees unexpectedly strong job creation in March

After several months of nearly stagnant job creation, the Canadian economy defied expert predictions by seeing robust hiring growth last month.

Which sectors and regions pulled ahead, and who took a hit in March? >>

How job hopping is good for your career

There is an outdated notion out there that people who have changed jobs frequently over the course of their careers make for terrible choices to employ.

Here's why 'hoppers' actually make great hires >>

Would you give your Facebook password to a potential employer?

Stories of employers asking candidates to hand over their Facebook passwords so that they can screen their online activities without any privacy filters blocking their access have been all over the news this week.

It has many wondering, "can they really do that?" >>

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