What you can learn from the jerks at work

New research shows that certain self-obsessed or unpleasant behaviours actually lead to people getting hired faster and earning more money on the job.

   Here's when it pays to be a jerk >>

How Pinterest could help your job search

Pinterest, an online 'pin board' for collecting images from the web, is just the latest social networking tool that career experts say job seekers should be aware of.

How to use it >>

Obese people need not apply

One hospital is making news over a controversial new recruitment policy: they won't hire fat people. This has us looking into some of the other questionable ways people get screened out.

Traits that can cost you the job >>

Getting a job without having any Canadian work experience

It is the classic dilemma faced by new immigrants: How can I get a job in Canada without Canadian experience and how can I get Canadian experience without having had a Canadian job?

Some tips to get you started >>

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