The worst job in the world this year?

A new report ranks 200 jobs from best to worst based on factors such as career outlook, average salary, working environment, physical stress and more. Whose job turned out to be the least desirable for 2012?

   The best and worst jobs of the year >>

Company accidentally fires its entire staff by email

Someone at a UK insurance company likely had a particularly rough day last week after they accidentally sent out an email firing the entire worldwide staff of 1,300 people.

What happened >>

How to earn more money: Our top negotiation tips

After several years of flat paycheques through the recession, Canadians are hungering for greater increases in salary. How can you receive the pay increase you're looking for?

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What are you wearing to work?

We've moved from the formality of business wear (See "Mad Men") to the super casual environment of jeans and t-shirts (and even flip flops and shorts), and to the nebulous middle ground of 'business casual'. But what does this really mean?

Here's what to wear >>

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