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The hardest jobs for employers to fill in 2016

A new report lists the jobs employers will have the most difficulty filling this year. These are 10 sectors where employers struggle to find the workers they need.

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The fastest growing occupations in Canada

Wondering where the opportunities are in 2016? These are the occupations experiencing the greatest increases in demand for workers in Canada right now.

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It's what you're not saying on social media that's killing your career

A new survey of Canadian HR managers reveals what they think are the biggest social media mistakes that candidates make, and there's a twist in the results.

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Study reveals the top 10 job interview mistakes according to employers

A new study confirms what we've been telling you all along - candidates who fail to research the company before the interview is a hiring manager's pet peeve.

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Career trends: The essential skills you'll need for the jobs of the next five years

Here's a preview of what the job market will look like through the next half decade or so. This is where the secure career paths are going to be.

And how you can prepare for them now >>