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Ten career paths that can make you a millionaire

Okay, so you didn't win the billions of dollars in the big Power Ball lottery draw last night. Let's face it, that was always a bit of a long shot.

Here are some alternate roads to riches >>

The ten words you need to cut from your resume now

These are the terrible words and phrases that too many job seekers are using to market themselves in their resumes.

What to delete in 2016 (and forever, actually) >>

What your employer knows that you don't in salary negotiations

The boss always walks into a salary negotiation with a lot more information than you have. Here's what they know that you don't.

And how you it skews your contract >>

The real reason we have job interviews

A young candidate asked me why we even have job interviews anymore - since everyone knows the usual questions and answers in advance.

You're probably not going to like the answer >>

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The fastest growing occupations in Canada

Wondering where the opportunities are in 2016? These are the occupations experiencing the greatest increases in demand for workers in Canada right now.

Jobs with the most available openings >>