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20+ places to learn the hottest skills of 2015 online for free

Our latest Thinkopolis report features the hottest skills in Canadian job postings for 2015. You can learn most of them online for free.

Easy ways to give your credentials a boost >>

The most sought after skills in Canada in 2015

Job posting analysis reveals the skills Canadian employers search for most, ten up-and-coming skills, and how to qualify for jobs in ten hot sectors.

What is takes to get hired in 2015 >>

The six lies that employers will most often tell you

In this video one unscrupulous employer repeatedly lies to the candidate and then turns to the camera to explain the truth behind the lies.

What not to believe in job interviews >>

The secret formula for the perfect resume?

Analysis of millions of resumes reveals the keywords, length and sections that top-rated resumes all have in common - and the weaker elements to avoid.

What a job-winning resume looks like >>

University degrees that have 100% employment within six months of graduating

New report shows which graduates get hired the fastest – and who earns the most money right out of school.

How your field of study pays off on the job market >>

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