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Hi there,
This week the Network News takes our first look ahead into 2016 with the jobs employers will be struggling to fill - and the qualifications they're looking for the most.

The hardest jobs for employers to fill in 2016

A new report lists the jobs employers will have the most difficulty hiring for next year. These are the sectors experiencing labour shortages.

Ten hot job titles for hiring in 2016 >>

Here is what your next employer is going to be looking for

This is what Canadian employer interviews and analysis of trends in online job posting reveal will be the keys to getting hired in 2016.

The qualities employers value the most in new hires >>

Six employer prejudices (and how to overcome them)

Employers are human and develop biases like everyone else, some of which are based on experience, and these can derail your chances of being hired.

Here's how to counter the most common ones >>

Three things never to say in a job interview and three things you must say

Despite all the advice out there, many people still have no idea what they should say (and not say) in the job interview.

Here's what you need to convey (and what you should keep to yourself at all costs) >>

How to write a resume (with downloadable template to get you started)

Sooner or later you're going to need a resume. No problem. Here's how to write one - with a handy template to get you started and helpful examples along the way.

How to write a resume step-by-step >>

Thanks for reading the whole thing. Have a great week!
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