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Hi there,

This week we've covered a little about selfies and forced 'fun' at work and a little of what we've learned from analysing online data to help make your career moves more successful.

What the resumes of the most successful Canadians all have in common

We analysed the resumes of thousands of business owners and presidents to see what their first jobs were and what we could learn from their career paths.

What the top resumes all have in common >>

Dear employer: Stop trying to make me have fun

An employee's willingness or unwillingness to put on a costume or go paint balling shouldn't affect their chances of advancement in their job.

But you know what? It really does >>

Five things to watch for in a job posting (that many candidates miss)

There is valuable information hidden in job descriptions that candidates often fail to notice. Spotting it can give your application a significant advantage.

Here is what to look for >>

How to take a good selfie

Okay, yes, you could hire a photographer, but that sounds like an investment of both time and money that you might not feel like making. Sometimes you just need a new picture.

How to take it yourself >>

Why your job applications aren't leading to interviews

Analysis of employer behaviour online reveals what they look for and what the majority of job applications are getting wrong.

... And how you can boost your chances of success >>

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- Peter