Five phrases to use in every job interview

The job interview is make or break time for your candidacy. Want to stand out from the crowd of applicants? Try saying these phrases to really impress employers.

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The worst cover letter ever

It only took three words for this particular cover letter to completely sink a candidate's chances of landing a job interview.

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12 things that put you first in line to get the axe

Sometimes companies have to make cuts, and when it comes time to decide who gets let go, it's those who are deemed the least valuable who get chosen first.

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The best and worst-paying university degrees

If you're planning your future studies according to what pays off the most financially, then these are the programs to study (and ten to avoid.)

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How to lose a job offer at the last minute

Even when you've done everything right so far, and the job is 'in the bag,' it's still possible for you to blow it with your follow-up.

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