10 secrets about how employers really screen you

Think it's enough to have a list of three professional references handy? Actually, calling references is the very least of what most employers do to find out about you.

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The highest and lowest paying jobs in Canada

Last week in honour of Canada Day, we took a look at the country's top ten high paying jobs right now - as well as those occupations that pay the least.

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The five biggest resume mistakes (according to Google's head of HR)

The tech giant's top recruiter has analyzed over 20,000 candidate resumes over the years. Here are the most common errors that get applications tossed.

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10 times when you should just shut up

Knowing when you to open your mouth and when to keep it shut is a valuable wisdom. The most successful people know the value of keeping quiet.

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The best time to apply for a job

It may sound counter-intuitive, but experts agree that sometimes the best time to apply for a job is when the company isn't even looking to hire.

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