Six ways your resume looks old and costs you jobs

When your resume crosses a recruiter's desk, it has just seconds to make a great impression. An outdated resume makes you look out of touch.

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The four most common job interview questions (that candidates almost always get wrong)

Earlier this year, we surveyed Canadians about their most dreaded job interview questions. It turns out, most people are afraid of the wrong ones.

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10 ways to make people immediately think you're awesome

Being likeable is key to pretty much everything in life, from accessing the hidden job market to climbing the ladder, to getting a raise.

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Why Canada rocks

Some may say we're tiptoeing on the edge of an economic abyss, but when it comes to international reputation, Canada's is the best in the world.

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Work from home jobs that pay six figures

Working from home doesn't just mean stuffing envelopes or making phone calls anymore - a vast array of jobs can now be done remotely.

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