Where the most hiring will be by Canadian city over the next five years

A new report on hiring projections shows which sectors will see the most job growth in the most populous Canadian cities between now and 2020.

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The most in-demand jobs in Canada (and what they actually pay)

These are the job titles that have the greatest number of available openings advertised online in Canada right now - and the average salary that each of them pays.

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Why you may be getting an extra paycheque this year

Workers who get paid every two weeks could be in for a surprise bonus this year. A quirk of the calendar causes 2015 to be a payday 'leap year.'

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Six surprisingly high paying jobs for 2015

A new report has just come out listing six surprising career options that can pay over $100,000 a year - and they aren't just for bankers, insurance folks and executives.

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