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Canada's highest paying entry-level jobs available now

Here's a look at some career paths that have current job openings for entry-level candidates and much higher than average starting salaries.

Ten hot fields for kickstarting your career right now >>

Five things employers don't want you to know

Finding a job can be difficult even without all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes of the hiring process that you don't even know about.

Here's what employers won't tell you >>

The only job interview question that actually matters

There's one question you'll be asked in every job interview that you cannot say 'no' to, and it's the one that lands you the job.

When you cut through the fluff, this is what really counts >>

Good (and bad) ways to get noticed by employers

Research has shown that one reason candidates don't hired is because they don't stand out from the competition. Here are some strategies for being memorable.

... And some cringe-worthy examples of what not to do >>

Career on a shelf: A holiday story from Workopolis

Haven't quite gotten into the holiday spirit yet? This short video about an elf who has lost her way should help inspire you.

Happy holidays from your friends at Workopolis >>

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