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Employers reveal the qualities that make candidates stand out

We asked Canadian hiring managers what causes a candidate to grab their attention and stay top of mind.

Why they choose one job seeker over another >>

The number one reason you're likely to be fired

The most common reasons that people lose their jobs all come back to the same root cause.

And it's the same reason that you were hired in the first place >>

The one word that can basically ruin your credibility

There's one word you can say in a job interview that can completely undercut the strength of everything listed in your resume.

Don't let this one common expression wreck your chances >>

The trouble with introverts

Introverted people are generally their own worst enemies when it comes to getting ahead at work.

But here's why it's time for them to take over >>

Five easy ways to overcome job interview anxiety

Competence and confidence are the keys to landing the job. Here are some straightforward ways to beat the jitters.

And ace your next big interview >>

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