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Your employer translator: What they really mean when they say what they say

Strategy: don't answer the questions that employers ask you. Instead, answer what they really want to know (but aren't saying).

The hidden meaning behind employer-speak >>

The highest paying jobs of 2015

Want to know where the money is? Here is what the economic experts say are the highest-paying jobs so far for this year.

The top ten in Canadian dollars >>

How employers look you up (and why your online presence really matters)

Workopolis survey reveals where Canadian employers screen you online and what they want to find out about you.

Hint: your connectivity really matters to them >>

The real reason you’ve had 16 interviews and no job offers

If you've had a lot of job interviews and no offers, there's only one likely reason. And it's not because you're overqualified.

Here's what you're likely missing >>

How recruiters read your resume (so you can construct it accordingly)

A comprehensive list of resume dos and don'ts based on employer online behaviour that will help get yours read and noticed.

[Infographic] Why a large percent of resumes are discarded >>

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