The best time of the week to apply for a new job?

Noon on Tuesdays. A new study of job posting behaviour, candidate applications and hiring decisions pinpoints midday on Tuesday as your best bet for landing a new gig.

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The best and worst jobs in the world for 2015

Based on salary, employment opportunities, and the working environment, here are the ten best and the ten worst careers for this year.

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Canadian employers share the specific online posts that have convinced them to hire (or not to hire) a candidate

In their own words: Employers tell us what they have spotted online that has made them change their mind about a potential new hire.

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What employers see in your resume that you don't

You might think that finely-crafted resume you've slaved over is ready to conquer the job market, but here's what it is actually saying about you.

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The stupidest manager ever

And our bad career move of the week goes to the manager who fired a staffer via a text message telling her specifically why she was being let go.

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