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Five things employers would rather you didn't know

Sometimes finding a job can be made much more difficult because of things that are going on behind the scenes that you don't even know about.

What employers won't tell you about why they didn't hire you >>

The highest paying city or town in each province

Wondering where Canadians are making the most money? We've created a map showing the median family income and the towns with the highest income.

Here's where we're making the most >>

High paying jobs for introverts

Employers always expect you to be a "people person" or a "team player," but what if you do your best work when you get to work alone?

Hot career paths for lone wolves >>

Why networking isn't an effective strategy for finding a new job

Most career advisors will tell job seekers to get out there and network their way into the hidden job market. But here's why that won't actually work.

The truth about networking >>

[Infographic] Canada's best and worst cities for the fall hiring season

A new survey of Canadian employers reveals where the most (and least) employment gains are expected to be for the rest of 2014.
Hot and cold sectors and regions >>


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