The top 10 hottest job titles for increased salaries in 2015

While demand for workers is expected to increase steadily throughout 2015, here is a quick look at which fields can expect to see the fastest growing pay cheques.

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The one in-demand skill that gets you hired faster, promoted first, and paid more

Studies have shown that across industries from engineering and manufacturing to legal, sales, or marketing, having this one essential skill will give your career - and your pay cheque - a boost.

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There are only two real jobs in the world

Charles Barkley famously said that there are only five actual jobs in the world. He was wrong, of course, there aren't even that many. And knowing this can be the key to success.

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Alternately: Ten work skills that are obsolete in 2014

There are many skills that were commonly listed on resumes and searched for by employers that can now actually make you look outdated if you mention them.

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What's wrong with your profile picture?

Your profile picture on professional social media can make or break the first impression you make on an employer. Don't make any of these common mistakes.

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Three Canadian cities among the world's most attractive for work

A new global survey of over 200,000 workers from 189 countries reveals the most coveted cities in the world to live and work.
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