The truth about resumes

It takes the majority of Canadians an average of 10 applications and two interviews in order to land a job - and the sad truth is that roughly 80% of resumes receive no response at all.

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The number one reason people don't get hired

A new survey of career consultants has uncovered why people are not being offered the jobs they want. And because these were career advisors, they offer tips on fixing the problem too.

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The twelve skills Canadian employers are having the most difficulty hiring right now

With all the talk in the news lately about a 'skills shortage' in Canada, do you ever wonder exactly what abilities companies are struggling to find?

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Revealed: FBI analyst's secrets for connecting with anyone

A former head of the FBI's behavioral analysis program shares his technique for building an instant rapport with someone in almost any situation.

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New international poll reveals the 'most ignorant' countries

A new international survey sheds light on how much people in fourteen countries actually know about key social issues. It turns out that everything you think you know is wrong.

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