The three simple secrets to career success that nobody ever tells you

Most people will tell you to target jobs that are fulfilling for you, that are high-paying and in-line with your overall career goals. That's a long walk down a dead end street.

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The only skill that really matters in your resume

The sad truth is that nobody cares about what you know - all that employers want to see is what you can actually do with what you know.

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Report: The 10 hottest job markets in Canada

By analyzing which Canadian users are getting hired, the team at LinkedIn has created a report on the country's most active job markets and the most sought-after skills.

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Job interview tomorrow? Six things you must do today

Don't waste the opportunity. Here's how to prepare in advance to dramatically increase your chances of being hired.

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The top three body language mistakes to avoid in the job interview

You want to convey competence and confidence in a job interview, and be likable.
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