The six lies that employers will most often tell you

There is no shortage of people who'll tell you to be honest on your resume and to always tell the truth to employers. So how come they're allowed to lie to you so often?

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Jobs that pay from $60,000 to over $100,000 without a degree

Think you need to spend years in school earning advanced degrees in order to make a decent living nowadays? Actually, there are still plenty of great gigs that don't require that piece of paper.

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[Infographic] The 10 skills you'll need for the jobs of 2020 (and why)

Demographics, cultural trends, and new technologies are rapidly changing the job market. While some occupations are going extinct, now opportunities are being created all the time.

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Seven grammar mistakes that can make you look dumb

Grammar mistakes can undermine your credibility and affect your chances of getting the job. Don't fall into these easy language traps that trip many people up.

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