The worst job interview answer ever

Because the most useful career advice comes from the people who actually make hiring decisions, we asked a tough hiring manager for the worst interview answers she hears.

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Five questions that employers want answers to - that they won't ask

In his new book, "Guide to Rethinking Interviews," Richard Bolles says there are just five questions employers want answers to in a job interview - but they won't come right out and ask you.

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The highest-paying jobs in the world

A look at the average salaries of people around the world, the career paths that can pay you the highest wages, and where your money will go the furthest.

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Seven more grammar (& spelling) mistakes that make you look dumb

We've had tons of feedback on our first installment, telling us the common mistakes we missed. So here are seven more language errors that make people seem less intelligent than they really are.

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