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The most in-demand tech skills right now

If you're considering a career switch toward the fields that require high-tech skills, or you're merely looking to expand your knowledge, here's what top employers in Canada are looking for.

Which talent is most in demand? >>

Five things you didn't know your resume was saying about you

Crafting a well-written professional resume will cast you in a great light and highlight your key credentials. But it's more than likely going to be ignored.

Because of what employers read between the lines >>

7 ways to increase your value on the job market

The law of supply and demand says that people place a higher value on things that are likely to disappear to competitors. Here's how to use scarcity to create that demand for yourself.

Even if you don't have a job  >>

[Infographic] Where the hiring in Canada will (and won't) be over the coming months

A new survey of Canadian employers across the country reveals which regions and industries are expecting to see growth through the summer - and where the hiring is slowing down.

Sectors forecasting the most hiring? >>


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