The three things employers want to see in your resume

Inside scoop: Reading resumes is actually boring and hiring managers are busy, so there are really only three things that they actually care about seeing in your resume.

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The seven deadly sins of the job search

There are some fairly common blunders that many job candidates make which cost them their chances of getting hired. We call these the 'deadly job searching sins.'

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The trouble with introverts (and why it's time for them to take over)

Here is how introverts frequently hurt their own career prospects - and why, regardless of this, the time may have come for these reluctant leaders to take charge.

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The social media mistake that can cost you dearly

One waitress complained on Facebook about the bad tippers she'd served that night, forgetting that one of those cheap customers was actually her Facebook 'friend'.

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[Infographic] Employers reveal why they choose one candidate over another

We asked hiring managers: "If it comes down to two candidates with equal skills and experience, which of the following will move you to hire one over the other?"
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