How many jobs do Canadians hold in a lifetime?

By analyzing 7,000,000 work histories in Canadian resumes, we were able to discern how many times the average Canadian changes jobs and how many they can expect to have in total.

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The worst job interviews ever?

We've talked a lot about terrible job interviews from the hiring manager's point of view. This time we asked how interviewers have blown their chances with you. You answered.

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Canada's most in-demand jobs of 2014 - and the fastest declining occupations

We crunched a year's worth of job posting data to determine what jobs are in demand, where the hiring is heating up, and which vocations are seeing fewer opportunities.

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Ten beginnings of sentences that mean you don't have to listen to the rest of the sentence

Some conversations end up being time-wasting traps that you just can't get out of fast enough. Here's how you can spot one coming on before you're in too deep.

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