Warning signs that the job will suck even more than being unemployed

It may seem counter-intuitive to advise someone to turn down a job - especially in a tight job market - but there are times when it's better to walk away from an offer than to sign it.

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The 10 hardest jobs for Canadian employers to fill in 2014

There are fewer unemployed people in Canada for every job opening right now, and employers are starting to complain that a shortage of workers is hurting their business.

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The one thing to do in a job interview that will set you above everyone else

We asked a panel of hiring managers "What is the one thing someone could say or do in an interview with you that would set them above the competition?"

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Study: Where that liberal arts degree can take you on the Canadian job market

For this research, we looked at the first job title after finishing school and then the positions held five years later for graduates of many popular university programs.

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Report: Salary increases are coming for Canadian workers

Raises are on the way for Canadian employees in 2015. That's the news from a couple of different employer surveys released in the past few days.
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