Eight skills that can double your chances of being hired

Analysis of millions of job postings shows that simply acquiring one or more of these proficiencies can vastly increase the number of opportunities available to you.

The top skills to add to your resume

Creative jobs that pay the bills

Think that if you’re the creative type who wants to make a living using your artistic passions that you'll be doomed to a life of near poverty? Think again.

Career options for creative people and what they pay

Didn't read the fine print?

[Video] Ouch. Find out what happens when you don't do enough research about the actual role before you go ahead and accept a job offer.

This job just said, "Must wear a tie."

The worst career-limiting moves?

A new survey of employers reveals the career-killing behaviours that can keep you stuck in a dead-end position indefinitely.

What's keeping you from getting that promotion

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