How to land a job with one email

The true story of a recent grad who put it all on the line for a long shot at his dream job. Read the actual email that he sent directly to the founders of the company he wanted to work for.

And see what happened next >>

Job interview horror stories

From "Trash Talking Frankentramp" to the "Hands of Hell," recruiters share their scary but true tales of job interviews that ended up going terribly wrong.

Hint: Don't get drunk at the job interview >>

How most people catch the flu

Flu season is back. In order to help stave off the outbreak, here’s a look at what the symptoms are, how long we're contagious for, and where the germiest places to avoid are.

The most common cause of infection? >>

Five blunders that scare off employers

Just in time for Halloween, here's a look at some of the spookiest mistakes that candidates make that frighten off potential employers.

Whatever you do… don't do these >>

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