The 20 most in-demand jobs from now through 2020

The Canadian Occupational Projection System has developed a 10-year report which outlines the projected Canadian labour market supply and demand between now and the year 2020.

 Here's what you need in order to land the most in-demand jobs of the next ten years >>

What employers are really looking for in new hires

A new survey of hundreds of Canadian business owners reveals what qualifications are most important to them in candidates. Surprisingly, education, experience, and recommendations all rank near the bottom of the list.

Here's what they do care about >>

Think your boss might be a psycho? That's actually quite perceptive of you

Research demonstrates that people in leadership roles actually are more likely to be psychopaths. And there are specific industries that tend to attract more psychos than others.

The fields most likely to have psychopaths at the helm? >>

Four tips for a 'sexy' resume - and four big turn offs to avoid

In a tight job market - where employers can receive 100 applications for every opportunity they post, you need an exceptionally attractive resume in order to catch their eye.

Here's how you can make yours stand out - while avoiding the biggest blunders >>

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