The qualities that hiring managers look for the most in candidates

Employers see a lot of people before filling each job. We asked hiring managers what causes a candidate to grab their attention and stand out from the crowd ... and therefore land the job.

 Here's what makes them say "wow!" >>

How your grammar affects your salary

Using proper grammar can get you promoted faster and earn you higher positions. Some CEOs say that they won't hire people with poor grammar skills at all... even for jobs that don't involve writing.

The surprising impact grammar has on your income >>

Jobs vacancies vs. unemployment - Where the competition is heating up

Statistics Canada has released its job vacancies report comparing the number of open positions by region and industry to the number of corresponding unemployed people.

Where is the battle for jobs fierce, and where are candidates in the driver's seat? >>

How rude: Dealing with disrespectful employers

Career experts weigh in on the problems with those employers who don't seem to feel the need to treat potential candidates with courtesy or respect.

An example of "stunning rudeness" >>

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