Canadian salaries on the rise: Here's what we're earning at the start of 2013

Statistics Canada released their report on payroll and earnings in Canada this week, and it looks like we're making more money than we were a year ago. Which regions and industries saw the biggest raises, and who lagged behind?

 What the average Canadian earns now >>

Three career lessons from the fast food employee fired for licking potatoes

A student and (former) KFC employee has been let go over some photographs that she posted on Facebook showing a rather unseemly affection for a plate of mashed potatoes.

What we can all learn from this >>

How to ace a technology job interview

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have weighed in on what candidates should do in order to impress them in job interviews for positions in the technology field.

How to break into the tech sector >>

Who wins? Extroverts or introverts

People who are extroverts have an easier time interacting with other people, conversing with strangers, and promoting themselves. At first glance, this seems to give them a career advantage.

New research shows that it's not actually the case >>

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