The most in-demand skills and workers right now?

We took a look at some recent employment research and labour reports to determine who are the currently most sought after candidates in the country.

 Canada's most wanted? >>

The hiring intentions of Canadian employers for the spring of 2013

A survey of nearly 2,000 employers from across regions and industries shows that this country can expect hiring to remain strong throughout the spring.

Which regions and industries predict the greatest growth? >>

Ten ways people make themselves appear smarter than they actually are

Want to look smarter than you really are in order to make an impression? There are some simple tricks and tweaks that 'seemingly' bright people use in order to do just that.

See what projects intelligence >>

How your Facebook 'likes' reveal private personal information about you

Study: What you like on Facebook can reveal whether you're gay or straight, smart or dumb, liberal or conservative, and more - even if you don't make any of that info public on your profile.

How your 'likes' predict your personality >>

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