How to spot a liar (The real-life "Pinocchio effect")

Working relationships should be built on trust, but sometimes people will tell lies in order to get what they want. Experts agree that there are common body language and speech indicators that a person is being dishonest.

 Here are the common give-aways >>

Eight secure jobs that are here to stay

Want to avoid picking a job that's just going to vanish in our rapidly changing job market? You could try sticking to one of those tried and true professions.

Jobs that are always in demand >>

Bad email habits you need to break

Sure, we send tons of emails every single day at work. So why are there so many people out there who still can't seem to do it well?

Some of the worst email habits to avoid >>

Ridiculously demanding statements we've read in resumes

It doesn't matter what your skills, experience and credentials are if your resume sends the message to employers that you might be a pain in the butt to work with.

What can give that negative impression >>

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