Ten jobs that employers just can't fill

More and more employers are saying they just can't find the workers they need to hire. Here's a look at the fields seeing the most serious labour shortages globally and in our region.

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When 'connecting' turns 'creepy'

While it's undeniably a smart move to do your research before a job interview, there's a fine line not to cross. For example, one employer recounts the time a candidate started talking about her children.

Social networking gone wrong >>

#WorkChats Live Twitter Q&A June 11th 12:00pm ET

Victor Loo & Andrea Lopes from Bell Canada & Maeghan Smulders, the 'Super Intern' share what today's employers are looking for, what you can do to stand out from the crowd during your job search, and they'll answer your questions in real-time on Twitter.

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What HR professionals really say about younger workers

A new study reveals how Generation Y candidates and human resources professionals actually feel about each other, and there aren't many things that they actually agree on.

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Woman charged $1000 for Facebook post

There are legal consequences for breaching a confidentiality clause in a settlement agreement - as one woman found out when she immediately posted the details of hers on Facebook.

... While still in the courtroom >>

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